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Thinksoft specializes in a wide range of technology solutions, including:

Cloud Based Software Solutions

for operating, managing, and maintaining the software and the infrastructure on which it runs.

The full-service

Studio with art & technologies.


UX/UI design & website/app design


Software & website development

Mobile App

IOS & Android App development

SEO Marketing

SEO & Social Media Marketing

Our Awesome Features

These features should align with the unique needs of your business and industry.

Cost Effective

Thinksoft provides flexible and cost-effective pricing plans, allowing you to choose a subscription model that fits your budget and usage.


Thinksoft focuses on providing an intuitive user interface to make it easy for users to navigate and use the software efficiently.


Thinksoft’s SaaS products can often be customized to fit your unique business needs. You can configure settings, create custom reports, and adapt the software to your specific workflow.

Mobile Accessibility

Thinksoft’s SaaS solutions are often accessible via mobile apps, allowing you to work on the go and from various devices, enhancing flexibility and productivity.

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Thinksoft, a SaaS company specializing in custom software development, mobile app development, SEO, SMM, IoT applications, and cloud-based solutions

What does Thinksoft do?

Thinksoft is a technology company that specializes in custom software development, mobile app development, SEO, SMM, IoT application development, and cloud-based solutions.

Who are Thinksoft's clients?

We serve a diverse clientele, ranging from startups and small to medium-sized enterprises to large corporations in various industries, including Construction, finance, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and more.

What types of services does Thinksoft offer?

Thinksoft offers a range of services, including custom software development, mobile app development, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMM (Social Media Marketing), IoT (Internet of Things) application development, and cloud-based solutions.

Where is Thinksoft located?

Our headquarters are located in Ramanathapuram, Tamilnadu, India, and we may have additional offices in other locations. We also work with clients globally.

How can I get in touch with Thinksoft?

You can contact us through info@thinksoft.in for inquiries or partnership opportunities. You can also visit our website at www.thinksoft.in for more information.

Our Awesome Clients


Email: info@thinksoft.in
Phone:+91 77084 20110

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